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The New 2016 McLaren 675LT Is A Real Super Car

The new McLaren 675LT is part of the McLaren Super Series with the 650S. The LT part stands for "Long Tail" but this longer tail only makes the 675LT a few inches longer than the 650S. There will be only 500 of the 675LT models built if you are looking for a new McLaren for sale.

So What's Different To The 650S?

Despite the low build number around 33% of the parts on the new model are new. The 650S 3.8 liter V8 engine has been overhauled in a big way by redesigning and replacing around 50% of the original engine parts.

Included in this redesign are changes to the exhaust manifolds and cylinder heads, lighter connecting rods, turbos that are more efficient, completely new camshafts and a fuel system that has been significantly upgraded.

More Power

The new engine has a fantastic 675 hp output delivering 549 hp per tonne and 700 Nm of torque power. This results in a super fast 0-62 mph time of just 2.9 seconds and a top end of around 205 mph. The 0-62 mph time is 0.1 seconds faster than the 650S.

Like the 650s, the power is delivered to the rear wheels and the same dual clutch automatic seven speed gearbox is used. If you are looking for close to McLaren P1 level of performance without having to spend over a million dollars, then the 675LT is for you.

McLaren have made the 675LT even lighter than the 650S (which was pretty light to start with). They have used a titanium exhaust system, a fixed polycarbonate cover for the engine, carbon fiber fenders and bumpers and a carbon-fiber MonoCell tub.

Lighter Than The 650S

These changes mean that the 675LT weighs less than 3000 pounds and for those of you that want exact numbers it weighs around 2993 pounds. It is claimed by McLaren that the 675LT weighs a full 220 pounds less than the 650S.

On the sides of the 675LT carbon fiber side skirts are upgraded to run from front to back. This will reduce any turbulent air from the wheel wells. Behind the doors the air intakes for the radiators have been enlarged and other air inlets have been included.

The Long Tail at the rear acts as an air brake and will become vertical when cornering at speed to slow the car down. It is 50% bigger than the air brake on the 650S but because it is made of carbon fiber it is lighter than the previous version.

Inside The 675LT

If you are expecting a lavish interior, then you will be disappointed. Bear in mind that the 650LT is a "track focused" car and anything that will add extra weight to the car has been removed. The backseat is not included for example, although McLaren will reinstall it for you free of charge.

Carbon fiber bucket seats that are based on the seats used in the P1 are included and the center stack users carbon fiber and so does the steering wheel. If you need it then air conditioning can be added and will integrate with the existing touch screen.

Driving The 675LT

When you sit in the car and start the engine you will notice straight away that it feels different to the 650S. The engine has an angry sound and the seats will vibrate and tingle due to the transmission mounts having stiffer bolts.

If you are driving on the road then sport mode is the best choice as the suspension is just about right with this setting. There are also normal and track modes. The car also has stability control which you can use independently of the drive mode selected.

What Is The Price Of The McLaren 675LT?

What about McLaren prices for the 675LT? Well it will cost you $349,500 for a new one (if you can get one which is pretty unlikely). The 650S cost $84,000 less than this when new. Will it be possible to find a used McLaren 675LT for sale? It's possible, but if you want one snap it up straight away.

Although a few 2016 McLaren 675LT's will be for sale, probably used, you should go for this car if you are looking for unadulterated fun and thrills and power that is sure to entertain you.